Farad Marlin F3 480L

Farad Marlin F3 480L

The style of Marlin F3, with its modern, aerodynamic design, accompanies you with elegance in every trip. Diponibile in gloss black, metallic gray and black embossed. modern and aerodynamic design, made of shock-resistant and anti-splinter material, UV resistant, with a patented security key and a central lock on 3 points on each side, homologated TÜV-GS and City-Crash, guaranteed 5 years, the trunk MARLIN FARAD F3 480L it is a safe and elegant solution for your needs. The opening system consists of patented spring struts (lifetime guaranteed), meaning you can open and close the trunk with ease. * NOTE: Before you proceed with the payment please contact us to request the availability of the object.

315,00 € VAT included