Box da tetto Thule Dynamic M 800

Box da tetto Thule Dynamic M 800


Advanced aerodynamics and cutting edge design, these are the main features of the box Thule Dynamic that make it so ergonomically to fit the elegance of moderne.Praticissimo car in the Patented Power-Click quick-mount system to make safe and quick installation even with only one hand. central locking with key ergonomic grip. Dual Side opening for convenient mounting, loading and scarico.Dotato of external handles to facilitate the opening and the chiusura.All'interno a rubber insert makes stable the load. Maximum occupancy for pairs of skis or snowboard: 5-7.Lunghezza maximum skis cm 180.Dimensioni box (cm) 206x84x34. max capacity 75 kg. Available in multiple color variants. * NOTE: Before you proceed with the payment please contact us to request the availability of the object.


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